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Crea gioielli con la tecnica del traforo
- corso online -

5052 BANNER Sabrina Formica [FAS] 058.jpg

work in progress during my shooting for DOMESTIKA in Madrid

I am so excited to announce that I was invited to teach on the Domestika platform and
i cannot explain what an honour has been to visit their studios in Madrid to shoot my course!
Since the beginning i knew i wanted to create something special for anyone interested in learning the magic of transforming a simple piece of metal into a wearable piece of art.
Despite my difficulty of standing in front of a camera and speaking another language (sorry for my 'italeglish'!), I hope you will enjoy this course that i created with all my heart and soul.

I will never thank enough all Domestika team for guiding me during this marvelous journey.

Are you ready to enter the magic world of metals and handmade jewelry?

Questo corso è adatto per:


No previous experience ore creative knowledge is required.

You will learn how to design and make your jewelry form scracth!


already in the field who want to enhance practical and creative skills or discover new techniques, materials and solutions.


Anyone interested in stimulating the creativity experimenting with metals and something new.


who attended some of my workshops or intesive courses and want to refresh some technique or learn something new.

Cosa imparerai con questo corso

Attending my online course is a great way to get a closer look at what is like
to work with metals and to make your own jewelry.

During my Jewelry Design: Metal & Enamel course you will learn:

- to design and create a mini jewelry collection from scratch
- all tips and tricks to easily work at home in a safe way
- a list of tools|suppliers to work properly
- the entire creative process, from inspiration to final pieces
- main jewelry making techniques: fretwork, metal forming and enamelling
- to create your personal findings
- to take care of your jewelry
- to clean your jewelry with natural methods

I wanted this course to be an helpful guide for everyone interesting in the magic world of handmade jewelry, sharing all tips and little secrets in order to enhance your practical and creative skills.

My online course is handled with the same passion and dedication I put during my classes,
but if you prefer to attend a class directly with me you can check my onsite workshops or choose for an immersive experience joining me for a creative retreat in my family Artvilla, in the Apulian countryside! :)

Do not hesitate to contact me for any doubt or question!


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